Leonard Cohen, Anthem

„Ring the bells that still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in.“ by Leonard Cohen, Anthem  

Colours of feeling

What does it feel like? I thought: Next to you? It feels warm – a yellowish spot turning into bright orange mixed with heat-red I said: Good I think you can see how I feel It translates into body heat and speaking, blushing And I can see it, too On you These are the colours…


We search for light For the right path Meet preachers, teachers Whose warmth and guidance First Enlightens our thoughts and actions But secondly captivates us Whose light burns us Too much (pressure) To escape But we persevere As even false prophets Are A part of the way to the final destination Until we meet the…

Leave some space for life to happen.  

gleichzeitig sehen wir das Alte, Erhabene und Mächtige, Machtvolle während das Junge, Kleine, Unerfahrene und Frische schlüpft geboren wird in diese Welt der Gegensätze. Verpassen wir seine unscheinbaren Anfänge nicht, denn er naht immer mehr, ist zum Greifen nahe, von der Sonne angekündigt – der Frühling.      

love loudly everyday and many more see wildly with your soul encore et encore mhm-mhm    

what if the only deadline was death? what if time did not exist what if this was true? now would you try?  

Beim ersten Druck verblasst, kalt, stechend undurchdringbar erscheinst du mir. Da tret ich heran und merke nicht, dass du zerbrichst. Mir wird klar, dünne Äste können einen schweren Kern nicht tragen. Doch das Strecken nach Licht und Wärme verlierst du nicht, bleib so.


Barcelona’s only true filter: Joy.  

A Crazy Fool

You must see flowers in the desert And rainbows in the clouds You must feel silence among thunder Joy in solemnity and lightness in the dark. You must hear laughs among pain Rhythm in chaos and thankfulness in poverty. Either you are a crazy fool or what you see, feel and hear is Hope.  

enjoying silence in mother earth’s bosom feeling safe in nature’s arms imagining this moment to last forever