Wenn alle versuchen Paul Celan zu sein,

dann sei du Dada unter ihnen.



sun goes down

We search for light

For the right path

Meet preachers, teachers

Whose warmth and guidance


Enlightens our thoughts and actions

But secondly

captivates us

Whose light burns us

Too much (pressure)

To escape

But we persevere

As even false prophets


A part of the way

to the final destination

Until we meet the ones

Who teach us

That freedom of mind

and conscience

Is necessary to open a door

For light

and lightness

Here we stay


(En)light(enment) – the easy way

love loudly

everyday and many more

see wildly

with your soul encore et encore




the most immense thing about beauty

is finding it gone.

from: Charles Bukowski, the mischief of expiration

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