Meine Muse

Meine Muse, Ich höre Gedanken, Wörter, Sätze, Düfte, Sein Ich höre Dich. Sei einfach. KlickKlickKlick AchOch Und die Poetin wird geweckt Kein Zurück Du bist meine Muse Frag mich nicht warum, Sei Einfach.


Typically, To not suffocate, out of great suffering runs a vein of art so deep creating beauty so vast, that it expands our understanding. Finding beauty in pain is what art does

Colours of feeling

What does it feel like? I thought: Next to you? It feels warm – a yellowish spot turning into bright orange mixed with heat-red I said: Good I think you can see how I feel It translates into body heat and speaking, blushing And I can see it, too On you These are the colours…

Inspiration Friday: Rupi Kaur

i struggle so deeply to understand how someone can pour their entire soul blood and energy into someone without wanting anything in return –i will have to wait till I’m a mother -Rupi Kaur   Rupi Kaur – a writer, a poet, that has the ability to transfer a whole bunch of emotions, a colour…

Kunst lebt

Wir können nichts zurücklassen in dieser Welt außer unseren Genen. Unseren Nachkommen, unseren Kindern. „Stimmt nicht!“ Unsere Erinnerungen. – Ja, stimmt, hatte ich vergessen. „Stimmt nicht!“ Was denn? „Das was, wir schaffen. Unsere Kunst, ist das Einzige, was für immer bleibt.“ Menschen sterben hier. Erninnerungen verblassen. Kunst lebt. Sie überlebt uns alle, sie ist omnipotent…

Ich schreibe, denn ich bin.

Water flows

If new life is born, If old one ends, If we are too stuck in our own mind to appreciate our own surroundings aka the life-bringing chemicals O2, which is air, If we are at home or traveling the world, If we feel home with all our being because of our family, Or if we…

in a world full of noises and screaming and never-ending cries, sometimes all you need is silence. just for a second to reconcile all the events, for energy. room for silence. let it be

„I recommend her to you, not as a husband but as an enthusiastic admirer of her work, acid and tender, hard as steel and delicate and fine as a butterfly’s wing, lovable as a beautiful smile, and as profound and cruel as the bitterness of life.“ -Diego Rivera about Frida Kahlo

Wenn alle versuchen Paul Celan zu sein, dann sei du Dada unter ihnen.