Power is everywhere, they say.

Maybe that power may sometime come here,

to me, to us.

She says.

what are we waiting for?

the light of the world screams

it is hungry, it is poor

the cry cuts my skin and reaches my organs

Help! Help!

while tearing apart the inner self

discovering  demons

looking  in the eye

let time destroy

what ceases to exist, cannot harm

begin to  to breathe

to live

the light of the world discovers its first fire-ray

go on and do not stop

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Barcelona’s only true filter:



A Crazy Fool

You must see flowers in the desert

And rainbows in the clouds

You must feel silence among thunder

Joy in solemnity and lightness in the dark.

You must hear laughs among pain

Rhythm in chaos and thankfulness in poverty.

Either you are a crazy fool


what you see, feel and hear





Oscar Wilde says…

In the treasury-house of your soul, there are infinite precious things, that may not be taken from you.

in: The Soul of Man under Socialism (1891)


enjoying silence in mother earth’s bosom

feeling safe in nature’s arms

imagining this moment to last forever

The eye

only a medium

revealing a veiled image

a shadow of emotions

an imagination

a state of our own art



Perlen des Alltags

sammle ich

versteinere sie und

lasse ihnen in den Wellen der Gedanken ihren ruhigen Lauf.

Ein unterdrücktes Lachen in der Straßenbahn,

ein „Guten Morgen“ mit breitem Grinser,

einen dankenden Seufzer.

Inmitten von Trubel, Lärm und Stille

erkennen, erfassen und erinnern




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